Steve Savage

Steve Savage

Lecturer Faculty
Humanities; American Studies

Dr. Steven Savage

Department of Humanities and Comparative World Literature

San Francisco State University  



Ph.D., Musicology, 2008, Royal Holloway, University of London, London, UK 

MA, Humanities, 2004, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 

BA, Philosophy & Religion, 1999, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 


Classes taught at SFSU 

Music, Ideas & Culture 

Arts & American Culture 

Values in American Life 

Biography of a City: San Francisco                 


Artist and Creative Activities 

Audio Producer / Recording Engineer / Musician 

  • Served as primary recording engineer on 7 Grammy nominated CDs, including records for Robert Cray, Elvin Bishop, John Hammond, Jr. and The Gospel Hummingbirds. 
  • Acted as primary producer and/or recording engineer on 100+ commercial CDs and DVDs. 
  • Experience with all aspects of CD production, DVD production, and audio production for TV and movies. 
  • Professional musician, playing drums in rock bands, jazz bands and African music ensembles.  Previously signed to major publishing company (Almo, now Universal) as songwriter. 

Research Topics 

Musicological and ethnomusicological explorations of a variety of genres and music technologies.  Research also encompasses cultural studies, performance studies and critical theory in an interdisciplinary context.  


  1. Savage, Steve, Mixing & Mastering: In the Box, Oxford University Press, 2014. 
  2. Savage, Steve, The Art of Digital Audio Recording, Oxford University Press, 2011. 
  3. Savage, Steve, Bytes & Backbeats: Repurposing Audio in the Digital Age, The University of Michigan Press, “Tracking Pop Series,” 2011 


Selected listing of CD recording projects:  

ARTIST:                                         TITLE:                                                       LABEL: 

Robert Cray                                    Some Rainy Morning                                   Polygram* 

Robert Cray                                    Shame + A Sin                                            Polygram* 

Robert Cray                                    I Was Warned                                             Polygram* 

Art Farmer                                      Live at Stanford Jazz Workshop                   Monarch 

Elvin Bishop                                   The Blues Rolls On                                      Delta Groove* 

Vicki Randle                                   Sleep City                                                   Wolf Moon 

Phantom of the Opera-S.F. Cast        Christmas Center Stage                               Cabana Boy 

Otis Rush                                        Otis Rush Live, Part 1                                 Blues Express 

John Hammond                               Found True Love                                         Virgin* 

John Hammond                               Long As I Have You                                     Virgin* 

The Potato Eaters                            The Potato Eaters                                       Rastascan   

The Bobs                                        Shut Up and Sing                                        Rounder 

Frankie Lee                                     Here I Go Again                                          Blues Express 

The Gospel Hummingbirds              Steppin’ Out                                                Blind Pig* 

Holcombe Waller                            Extravagant Gesture                                   Napoleon 

Tommy Castro                                Right as Rain                                              Blind Pig 

Maria Marquez                                Nature’s Princess                                        Adventure 

Harvey Mandel                                Planetary Warrior                                       Guitar Nine 

Mike Levy                                      Fireflies                                                      Parasol 

Harvey Mandel                                Planetary Warrior                                       Viceroy 

Bonnie Hayes                                  Empty Sky                                                   Beacon  

Bonnie Hayes                                  Good Clean Fun                                          Slash 

Bonnie Hayes                                  Shelly’s Boyfriend                                       Bondage 

Toni! Tone! Tony!                           Soundtrack                                                 Polygram  

Sista Monica                                   People Love the Blues                                 Mo’ Muscle 

Blu                                                 Out of the Blu                                             Motown 

E.C. Scott                                       Hard Act To Follow                                     Blind Pig 

The Sneetches                                 Blow Out The Sun                                       SpinArt/Sony 

* Grammy nominated record